Archangels and seeds

About collection

"My goal is to create conceptual jewelry which is full of meaning. I want my pieces to evoke sincere feelings, inspire the person who wears it and embrace her or him with warmth. I’ve been always fascinated by metaphysical world and read a lot of esoteric and spiritual literature. Once I was given a book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet called “How To Work With Angels”. It inspired me to create a collection about archangels. Chamuel (Čamuelis), an archangel of love, was the first one I created. Soon it was joined by other six. I am glad today, to see how flawlessly „Koljė“ craftsmen make these archangels, and how people like to give them for their loved ones.

I believe that by giving these gifts we move towards perfection and emit more positivity into the world.”


Rūta Vaidžiulytė

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