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hand made jewelry
conceptual designs
Kad primintų, jog kiekvienas turime savo angelą sargą.
Angels are always around us
Angels don`t greet us simply by saying „Hello“. They encourage us to get up and go.
A seed for a dream

Raise me, so that I grow into a tree of wonders and make your dream come true.

Sužadietuvių žiedai
Žiedai su brangameniais - brangiausioms...
Vestuviniai žiedai - Klasika
Kai prisieksite dabar ir visados ir per amžius… vestuviniai žiedai turi būti pagaminti teisingai.
Koljė meistrai tai žino, nes juos išmokė 40-metė patirtis.
"Koljė" patikimas verslas
Nuo tada, kai atsivėrė pirmosios „Koljė“ parduotuvės durys, praėjo jau 25 metai. Tada viena iš pirmųjų privačių juvelyrikos parduotuvių Lietuvoje
Perlai - apkabink

Gaminiai, kurie apkabina. Kolekcija apie moterį ir dėl moters.

Our inspiration

Each piece of jewellery from „Koljė“ can be described with two words: harmony and subtlety. Our craftsmen focus on the longevity of jewelry, allowing our unique products pass from one generation  to another. We are inspired by most important virtues and try to express them in pieces such as: wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, unique seed-like pendants and angels. We have also recently produced a collection of leather bracelets called „City Gate“ which is specially designed for young urban people with a sense of fashion. These bracelets worn by both men and women work like magic. They can make a person feel strong and confident. Each and every one of jewelry collection from ”Kolje” is substantial and everlasting. Our professional jewellers can precisely engrave the memories of the most special moments of your life: weddings, engagements, births or christenings. We are happy that our clients appreciate our sense for beauty. We are also proud to offer our customers jewelry that is valued not only for the materials but, more importantly, for its ability to inspire emotions and a sense of elegance in life.



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